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I, the undersigned Applicant, affirm that I am of legal age in the province of execution of this Agreement. I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the IDCI Inc. Independent Business Owner Agreement, including these Canada Terms and Conditions and the IDCI Inc. Policies and Procedures and the IDCI Inc. Compensation Plan, which are hereby incorporated into and made part of this IDCI Independent Business Owner (IBO) Agreement by reference (collectively, the “Agreement”). By signing below, I agree to comply with and be bound by, the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement. I acknowledge and agree that the Agreement will become a binding agreement upon me and IDCI Inc. business Opportunity, liability insurance company, in Canada, only upon acceptance by IDCI Inc. and that IDCI Inc. will notify me of acceptance of the Agreement via email to the email address I submit with this Agreement. I understand that IDCI Inc. has the right to accept or reject my application to become an Independent Business Owner (” IBO”) at its sole discretion. For purpose of this Agreement, IDCI Inc. Opportunity, IDCI Inc. is referred to as “I Dream Canada International Inc.”. IDCI Inc. and its parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates may be referred to herein collectively as the “I Dream Canada International Inc. “IDCI Company” or each individually as an “IDCI Inc. Company”. I understand that there is no requirement beyond entering into this Agreement and payment of the initial fee to become an independent business owner (IBO). No other purchase of sales or training materials or other services are required to become an IBO and any purchase of sales aids, training materials, or training is strictly voluntary. I understand that my advancement to higher qualification levels in the IDCI Inc. Compensation Plan is based upon the acquisition of new members and by placing a successful student to any IDCI Inc. school partners placed under IDCI Inc. CRM portal or by calling directly and placing their student to our 24/7 to the company immediate student placement hotline number, commonly known as 416.214.7845 (Services) offered by or through IDCI Inc. (“IDCI Inc. Services ”), and that I am not obligated to purchase IDCI Inc. Products and Services. Business Opportunities are compensated and promoted based on the successful promotion and sale of IDCI Inc. Services. Success as an IDCI IBO (IBO) is based on the IDCI IBO (IBO) individual efforts and abilities, and no earnings, profits, or business Success are promised or guaranteed. No compensation is earned for the promotion of IDCI Inc. I also understand that if I choose to sponsor others to become an Independent business owner “IBO” and participate in IDCI Inc. Compensation Plan, I will not receive any compensation whatsoever for the act of sponsoring SIMA General. /SIMA Soldiers or recruiting, and that I will be Compensated based upon the following; 1. By having a New IDCI Inc. IBO Independent Business Owner. PAID Member 2. By placing a successful local or international student at to IDCI Inc. business center. Using a Direct student placement via phone services or by placing it directly to their dedicated IDCI CRM Portal provided by the company. The activities of other IBOs: “IBO” only to the extent of sales made by them to customers of IDCI Inc. Services. I understand and agree that all commission payments for successful IDCI clients will be paid 6 weeks after the student start date and with a 30 days’ student school attendance policy with an IDCI partner successful client confirmation. 1. I, the undersigned applicant, represent that I am of legal age to enter into legally binding agreements and that the information submitted in connection with my application to become an IBO is complete, true, and correct. I agree to promptly notify IDCI Inc. of any changes to such information. If I am executing this Agreement on behalf of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, trust, or other entity, I represent that I have the authority to enter into such agreements for the entity, but nonetheless, I agree that in addition to such entity, I will be personally responsible for the performance of all the duties and obligations described in this Agreement.


I may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, for a full refund, if postmarked within (10) business days from the date of this Agreement, exclusive of the date of signing. I understand that if I cancel after the ten (10) day period, I am not entitled to a full refund. This limitation is subject to and shall be deemed modified to reflect the limitations required by any state law, including the province of Ontario. If I cancel within the ten (10) business days from the date of this Agreement, any payments made by me under this Agreement and any instrument. Executed by me will be returned within ninety days after they received the letter of withdrawal in (10) business days following receipt by IDCI Inc. of my Cancellation Notice. To cancel this Agreement, I must deliver personally or via courier or by registered or certified mail return receipt requested, a written, signed, dated copy of a Notice of Cancellation to IDCI Inc. Business Opportunity, I Dream Canada International Inc. Attn: Loyalty Department. Where APPLICABLE state law on cancellation is inconsistent with IDCI Inc. policy, such state law shall be in force. As an IBO I understand that I Dream Canada International Inc. has the right to can cancel this agreement at any time without prior notice to protect the company from any peril. In this event, IDCI has no obligation to explain in detail the direct reason for the situation. Training starts after the cooling-off period after (10) business days upon signing the contract. IDCI marketing materials will be ordered (10) days after the cooling-off period and the Welcome kit will be sent out (20) days after the cooling-off period.


“Independent Business Owner by signing below, I authorize IDCI Inc. to charge the credit card listed below"

 Select payment method: Personal Cheque(make payable to I Dream Canada International Inc.

When you provide a cheque as payment, you authorize us either to use the information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a cheque transaction. When we use this information from your cheque to make an electronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day you make your payment, and you will not receive your cheque back from your financial institution. In the event that your cheque is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may Electronically debit your account for the principal amount of the cheque.

Additional verification; Funds will only be taken from your account only when all the boxes below are clearly understood and acknowledge.

  • I had verified, did my proper research, and do my due diligence before joining this company. I have carefully reviewed and fully understand IDCI Inc. business concept and carefully analyze how the system works and I agree with the compensation income opportunity presented on the presentation materials, as well as my IBO duties and responsibility in order for me to grow my business, income opportunity presentation that can be found on I Acknowledge that IDCI Inc. has a global commitment to integrity, and as an IDCI Inc. “IBO” Independent Business Owner, it is my responsibility to uphold this commitment and always operate my business the right way.

  • I understand that IDCI Inc. Strictly follows all the Canadian rules and regulation and provides certain assurances that IDCI Inc. will always make sure to protect all their personal clients, students, IBOs, sponsored members such as Brand Ambassador SIMA general and SIMA soldiers, employees, call center agents and business partner to the best of their interest under the Canadian law, Code of Ethics.

  •  Yes, I want to become an Independent Business Owner “IBO”. Neither I nor my spouse/life partner (unless they are my sponsor), have had any other interest and/or benefit in any other IDCI Inc. IBO IDCI Inc. IBO position within the 12 months prior to the effective date of this Agreement. I have read and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including Canadian Terms and Conditions, the IDCI Policies and Procedures, and the IDCI Inc. Compensation.

  • I understand that IDCI is a private company and not a government agency. I understand that I am an Independent Business Owner and I am not an employee of I Dream Canada International Inc.

  • I also understand that I Dream Canada International Inc. will provide T4A at the end of the year and I have to file my own business taxes pay my own GST and HST and declare income to the government where I am residing.

  • I understand that doing this business may require some marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, folders, envelopes, social media ads, and joining company events and might also require some domestic or international travel to be able to be successful in this business.

  • I understand as IDCIIBO, it was clearly discussed through the business presentation. That replicated websites, professional email as well as system maintenance are normally paid annually. In the event that the IBO did not make the subscription payment 120 days before the end of the given period, the subscription will automatically be canceled, in the event that there is a commission payment due to be paid, IDCI will automatically deduct the balance owing to a system interruption.

  • I also understand that this IBO contract for 1st generation IBO is a lifetime membership and transferable to their immediate family member only and the second generation is valid only for 5 years and needs to be renewed 120 days before the end of their contract. Otherwise, the commission payout will be on hold if my membership is inactive. All commission payments will be released as soon as their membership is active and up to date.

  • I understand that all IDCI services are provided to the client free of charge. And I also understand that I am not allowed to charge any fees to any IDCI clients at all times. In the event that I charge fees to any of my IDCI clients and the company finds out about it. My contract will automatically be terminated. Also, I agree to pay $50,000 for company damages. As an IBO of IDCI, I understand that I am not allowed to be with my student in the school to do their application.

  •  I understand that the student must do it with his or her own free will without any compulsion. I respect the school admission officer who is a career consultant at the school level to do their duty in their own way.

  • I understand that I can only sell my IDCI business 3 years after my original purchase date and that I can only include 2 free product-networking services included on the sale. If ever I, the original IBO will sell this business to another person. As I only received the PNS Services free from the company to help me create extra earning. Here are the 2 PNS provided on the purchase; Expo Business Opportunity and Print and Go. All training for the following services is included

  • I understand that it is my duty to sell my own IDCI business in the event that feels like I will not be able to handle it anymore.

  • I understand that transferring my IDCI business to another name or any changes in my portal, email or website will cost me some administrative transfer fees as it requires Automatic Software updates. The fee amount may vary depending on how big is my data on my portal. Fees will be estimated upon the time of transfer request.

  • I understand that based on my membership upon joining fees to be paid vary. From 1st generation, IBO, and 2nd generation IBO and agree to deduct 1-3yrs. 3%, 4yrs. 4% 5yrs 5 % royalty fees from my income for marketing advertising, liability insurance, as well for error and omission purposes.

  • I understand that I am not allowed to encourage or invite any of the school personnel to be part of the IDCI business opportunity at any level. As I respect the IDCI and their school partner’s agreement. By doing so I am personally terminating my own contract without prior notice.

  • I understand that my income is based on my hard work and dedication; no income is promised when you join IDCI it depends on your own personal drive-in running your own business. Your success in this business in your own hands.

  • I understand that as an IBO I am not allowed to deal direct or indirectly with any IDCI partners, in the event that I am proven guilty, my membership will automatically be revoked. All Upcoming payments will be stopped and all IDCI materials must be surrendered to the head office 30 days after it was revoked. Failure to do so will result in legal action against holding I Dream Canada International Inc. property.

  • I understand that as an IBO I am not allowed to create any social media account under the name of I Dream Canada international Inc. / I Dream /IDCI and so on. if I do so, I am personally terminating my own membership. Our Business Opportunity is granted exclusive rights to market within a defined territorial border, however, we all recognize the importance of relationships that may extend across Geographical borders and our agreement that you can poster the relationship that you have developed by owing the rights of your chosen Country province and territory. All clients must be placed in the IDCI portal and must keep the original client form if you’re using a phone service. These will serve as your personal records in case it is needed for payout. A client that is sent directly to IDCI partners is considered unpaid clients and will not be entertained for assistance. As the company does not have any records to assist and no way to ask for payment to our partners.

  • All (PNS) Product networking services are considered ad on. (Optional) and are not included in the purchase of IDCI business opportunities. All PNS product and services are paid each separately. However, 1st generation members will have received 30 PNS Services from the company as compliments, but they must be trained and activate themselves for each of the PNS portals before starting their business. Rules and regulations regarding this point must be followed for them to be able to do it.

  • I understand that Company Email, my personal company website, and my brand Ambassador SG, SS, SMA PORTAL must be paid annually. To keep the service going. I must renew it90 days before the original subscription date. All prospects student that was placed in the system under your record will be counted as your valid student up to 1 year upon you register your students. All students for more than one year are no longer counted as your students and can be placed by other IDCI IBO members.

  • I understand that I am not allowed to make my own family member such as a spouse, my parents, and children be my Brand Ambassador SG/SS.

  • I understand and agree to be more patient due to student’s high volume demand. I will understand if ever I might experience delays in the student process. Also, I will only follow up with my client directly to IDCI designated departments. In the event that I am causing a predicament to the company, IDCI may terminate the agreement anytime without prior notice. All payments made are completely forfeited.

  • I am aware and I understand that IDCI is a growing company and has ongoing software updates to get a smooth process for the future. I have no problem and I will be patient to wait until everything is done.

  • I understand that any membership awarded free by the company for any reason it may serve will not be valid to resell the business membership, No Cash Value is provided for any FREE COMPLIMENTS given by IDCI. Based on your own country of membership residual income may be different. For example, you’re residing in Canada; your focus is Domestic students. So your PV to PV Residual incomes are stronger in terms of making your earning. But if you reside in another country, meaning outside Canada your main focus is to bring international students, so your residual income is stronger in terms of an international student. When your membership is inside Canada you don’t make a residual income for international students only local students. While if you leave outside Canada you can’t make residual income for local students. Residual payment varies upon your IDCI membership. For People who are living inside Canada, their main residual income would be coming from Domestic Students, but for people who are independent Business Owners living outside Canada, their main residual income will be coming from International Students.

  • I agree and understand that I will be paid only with my successful clients, 6 weeks after the student’s Start Date and with the 30 days’ school student attendance Policy.

  • I agree that I must provide my SIN to IDCI Finance Department in order to process my payout and release my cheque.

  • I agree and understand that I have to make some arrangements for my international student clients as well as to pick them at the airport, pictures, testimonial videos, and guide them for the first 90 days in Canada.

  • All old unpaid clients due to not sending invoices to Finance Department must be cleared within 6 months from the student start date to be considered as a valid student payout and to get compensated.

  • Residual Income is transferable only to your own immediate family member who wish to continue your business only for 1st Generation IBO member.

  • As an IBO, you are not allowed to create, produce or re-produce any IDCI materials that will be discussed and distributed to any IBO member without the approval of the head office. 

  • I understand that I am allowed to create my own personal social media account such as Facebook Account, FB Page and FB Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked and much more. But, I am not allowed to create a personal account using IDCI / I Dream Canada International Inc. / I Dream / IDCI Inc. / I Dream Canada International name and IDCI Logo. I am only allowed to post information, poster provided by IDCI.

  • I agree and understand that in the event that I did not follow all the terms and conditions written on this contract. These contracts will automatically be terminated without prior notice and all upcoming commissions will be forfeited.

  • I understand that I will receive increments payments to the new IBO who will be paying under increments payments as well.



I hereby declare that I have carefully read all the terms and conditions by I Dream Canada International Inc. with my full satisfaction, upon signing this agreement.

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